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The Connected Dumbbell

The user activates the Connected Dumbbell via the Connected Wristband. This activation sends an event to the Magic Mirror, which provides a welcome message. A set and rep count then display and increment as the user completes their routine . Once the routine is complete, the Connected Dumbbell deactivates and the user moves on. The Magic Mirror then displays machine availability. With the Connected Dumbbell, the user no longer needs to use rudimentary recording methods like pencil and paper to track their fitness goals and workout progress. 

This device uses a Hall Effect sensor to replicate RFID tracking via the Connected Wristband. Using a Hall Effect sensor allowed us to place a magnet in the wristband to mimic user identification. To increment reps and sets, the device then uses a tilt sensor. Activation occurs when the user curls the dumbbell upward, prompting an event that increments reps and displays those reps through the Magic Mirror device. 

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