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Device 3

Soylent Dispenser

This device is used to dispense the required intake for the user ,based on the workout done by them.Currently,we have gone with dispensing of the soylent,but it can be extended to provide a nutritious dietary system,that also enables the gym goer to take the necessary supplements to enhance his stamina.  It  takes the input from the Lat machine ,in the form of calories expended by the user.Based on the information,the dispenser is made to take a decision as to what is the right quantity of soy-lent needed by the user.Providing this feedback to the user,allows them to easily decide their duet and supplements for a proper and better gym experience.

Components Used:

1.Particle Photon

2.OLED Display Screen

3.Bread Board with Connecting wires

4. Cardboard Prototype 

5.Power Supply

Img 20160302 182001953.thumb  

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