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Reflection and Next Steps

It was observed that developing three concepts in a single ecosystem,was quite challenging . However,after developing the concepts,we realized that they had the potential to be taken further over a longer time frame.This could be done by collecting and analyzing more data ,once the system comes into use,which would lead to precise results.The device configurations and linking can be done by a centralized system like an Admin Panel.We understood that the user experience plays an important role,when the IoT technology is developed.So,the proposed devices could be upgraded further using advanced technology and made aesthetically appealing.Also the food dispenser technique,could be improved and new concepts and feedback systems can be incorporated in the same.

Working as team of 10,with greater deliverable in a shorter span of time,helped a lot in the brainstorming and concept development stages.We understood the possibility of creating an entire eco-system using the Internet of Things.

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