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The Concept

There are 3 main devices from our ecosystem used by the user in the gym. A sweatband embedded with a moisture sensor checks the hydration level of the user and reminds them to hydrate as they are busy working out and may not pay attention to their water intake. This data is sent to the cloud and also to the website. The other device is the flex band that detects muscle activity during the exercise and measures the number of reps, sets and also the calories burnt. The band can be moved on to any limb that is being exercised. A similar device would be the lat machine (which represents any weight machine in the gym). These devices transmit their data to the cloud, to the website and to the next device, the food dispenser. The food dispenser decides the amount of liquid soylent that is to be dispensed to the user after each workout based on their calorie count and  dehydration levels.

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