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Fig 8. above shows how the cover boards are attached, as well as the progress of sewing on the leather. I only then found out that because the board I used in the final product is denser than the board I used as a test, the holes cut by the laser were slightly smaller than they should be. The combination of this and the leather made it ridiculously difficult to get the needle through teach time. There were a lot of holes. Add in the fact that it is difficult to grip something so thin as a needle when a lot of force is required, and the result it much sadness and injury.

Finished Book

Some hours later, a completed book emerges!

Final dimensions: 9"x6.5"x1.5" including covers, with 9"x6" pages

Construction time: approximately 7 hours in one sitting

Gears: 1:4, 36 teeth on large 3.5" gear and 9 teeth on small 1" gear

Number of pages: 80 pages (40 sheets)

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