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People are oblivious to how much energy they use a day, and even if they are not, they are unable to track all of their energy usage precisely. There is no easy way to explain it, or show it, unless it is done through complex API data or algorithms. We made it so complex API energy data could be easily interpreted based off of an aesthetic light installation. An ambient structure, which would be spanned from a ceiling or mounted on a wall, this model can thrive anywhere a person places it. By using different levels of light intensity, an interesting and provocative structure evolves, which indicates the API energy data usage, through high and low light intensity. Low light intensity shone through the structure indicates wasteful energy usage, while high light intensity reflects highly sustainable energy usage. Lumofracto is interesting and makes an effort to simplify the process of understanding how much energy is wasted or used, visually, while also creating an awareness through the viewing of the organic form.

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