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By addressing the question of Integrated Energy Awareness, through the construction of Lumofracto, a lot of insights were gained. From a design perspective, the shape was constantly manipulated, while different types of material were used for experimentation, including, Yupo Paper, Printer Paper, and Dichroic film. Through various experimentation with diverse forms, it became easier, more obvious to understand what individuals would find appealing to look at, and what form would be the most doable. A complex, inorganic shape, is more likely to adapt to a space than a stiff set one, and will be more appealing to individuals walking by. Through the manipulation of light, form, code, and other mediums, we found a balance. Using a Raspberry Pi, proved to be less efficient than an Arduino Uno that connected directly to DMX lights. There is nothing more appealing than having smooth transitions, and a simple form that anyone can appreciate. Lumofracto, will definitely shine light into your life.

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