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For this composition, I cut out the sound of the wind from the previous recording as much as I could as it drowned out most of the noise. I tried to incorporate the sounds of people talking all around the fence to show how busy this area usually is. The quiet murmurs of people's voices and and the soft sound of the wind blowing gave a very peaceful feel to the composition. Towards the end of the composition, it is clear that the girl laughing is in the foreground as her voice is distinct among the sounds of the other people's voices who are in the background. This adds a somewhat playful feel to the composition and portrays the relaxed environment around this area. I wanted to capture this sense of peacefulness as opposed to the cacophony that is usually present during passing time. I also decided to keep the sound of the wind blowing in the background as it remains constant and somewhat quiet in the duration of the piece. 


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