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Emoto Pod

An Intimate Space for Relaxation in a Stressful Environment

We have all been there, experiencing those days where work is endless, and rest is non-existent. This phenomenon is especially experienced at Carnegie Mellon, at a much higher level. Emoto Pod allows distressed users, to relax, and equilibrate, to re-discover their inner peace. Emoto Pod is a personal space, in the form of a pod, made for any individual feeling overwhelmed, or those who need a break from their academic or social obligations. After the individual enters the Emoto Pod, they sit down finding themselves in an enclosed, dark space and before they know it, the screen starts generating subtle, yet evocative digitized raindrops. As the user looks around, they discover that they can touch and interact with the falling particles, creating different ambient tones with each collision, by the use of a leap motion. As the user, in awe, plays with the digitized raindrops, the thoughts of work and stress fade, as the users breathing and hand motions slowly sync to the falling and sounds of the raindrops. The user has immersed themselves in their own personal space, with the ability to manipulate and interact with simple rain drops. Emoto Pod caters to each of its individual user. Emoto Pod was created to alleviate the stress of the user, but, Emoto Pod, has an even greater potential in that it gives the user a place to escape, for a moment of solitude,a moment of freedom. Emoto Pod the evocative, personal space made to help a user de-stress while making the experience as individual as possible. No individual who enters Emotopod will have the same effect or experience, presenting Emoto Pod your personal de-stressing place.

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