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Emoto Pod: The Interactive Exhibit 

Why is it worthwhile?

Emoto Pod is an interactive exhibit that allows users to sit down for five minutes under a projected "waterfall" of shapes that cascade down an overhead screen. These five minutes give the user enough time to take a momentary break, while not taking more time that they need, the pod was meant to be used for short, momentary breaks. Sometimes all it takes is a short break, to refocus and de-stress, similar to a thirty second to one minute coordinated breathing exercise. With the aid of a Leap Motion device, the user can virtually run their hands under the projected waterfall. It is an immersive experience, which is experienced not only visually but also manually. By engaging the user both visually and manually, the user is able to user their hands while the animation is running, which then, causes the user's breathing to match the hands speed while they are interacting with the "waterfall's" droplets. Emoto Pod gives the user a private space to collect their thoughts and feelings while learning how to interact with newer technologies like the Leap Motion, and projection simulation. It also allows the user to immerse themselves in a space, and for five minutes completely let go of their stress and worries. By providing a personal space in the pod, in which it is hard to forcibly intrude when a person is sitting in it, it gives the user a sense of security and intimacy. Emoto Pod provides users with the similar feeling of having an entire room to oneself, which in the end allows for even greater relaxation since the user is not stressed by their surroundings either since the Emoto Pod space is dedicated to de-stressing them for five minutes. Emoto Pod simply put, creates a personal space, in an already defined room, into which a person can enter and de-stress privately while having a relaxing interaction with the "waterfall."

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