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I believe I was able to capture the style of the work accurately through use of “simulated” paint. However, I feel that, by nature of using a digital painting program, my process was not accurate. It was extremely quick and simple to fill the canvas with color and achieved the desired effect of having varying colors and textures in the background and zips by using some preset brushes and adjusting the size as needed. I also did not have to think too much about the colors and initial placement of the zips, since I could always change them around later. This contrasts with what Newman’s process must have been, as he would have had to slowly paint the entire canvas, as well as think carefully about his color choices and composition, as it is more cumbersome to undo actions in a traditional medium. In this sense, my reproduction does not carry the weight or the significance of the original. Perhaps next time I would create an original Newman-esque work, and try not to rely on the affordances of the digital painting program so much. 

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