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I created a WAV file, with Audacity, of a mix of different sounds I recorded and generated by Audacity. This piece of audio has 8 components to it: breathing, wind effect, breeze effect, water effect brown noise background, birds/grasshopper sound, wah wah wind effect, woman singing, and woman laughing. The breathing channel is created by me breathing into a microphone; wind effect by blowing into a microphone,  pass low-pass filter on it, adding fade in/fade out effects; breeze effect by recording noise outside my room and adding phaser effect; water effect by generate brown noise on Audacity; birds/grasshopper sound by recording bird/grasshopper sound near a tree; wah wah wind effect by taking the recording I used for the breeze effect and adding wah wah effect; woman singing by recording part of Lana Del Rey's Summer Wine; woman laughing by recording my laughters. 

Then, I edited the sounds by delaying, compressing, stretching, repeating, layering, and clipping them, to best convey my emotions when I was looking at the painting. Of all the sounds, breathing, breeze, and bird/grasshopper sounds are the most prevalent. 

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