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What I wanted to express is a sad situation not only discovered in the 20th century but also found to became worse in the recent decade. As technology develops, people no longer have to travel for hours just to talk to someone; we have laptops and cell phones that can let us talk to anyone at anytime without having to step outside of our rooms. We appreciate the convenience but this also means that it doesn't require effort for people to meet or to become close to someone. People no longer care or show their true feelings; we hide our faces and our expressions; we only say what we want people to know online, behind our screens. It seems that the closer technology binds people together, the farther our hearts are brought away from each other. 

I think I did a decent job communicating my thoughts as well as combining Magritte's frustrated desires. One thing I think I need to improve is my Photoshop skills, so that next time maybe I can really reproduce the brushwork of Rene Magritte in his painting "The Lovers."

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