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Initially when I looked at Peters’ painting, the first words that came to my mind were happy, bright and soft. The middle character immediately became the center of my focus; the two other characters are both looking at (near) her, directing my eyes towards the middle character. The middle character, on the other hand, is looking off to the right with her face blushing, which made me wonder whether she is looking at something or if she is attempting to hide her blushing by looking away. The middle character also wears a red gown and a very obvious fancy red hat, in contrast with the left character’s black dress and a lack of large head accessories, making her appear to the the center of attention, especially with a rather gray and blurry background. The middle character’s face is also facing straight at the viewer, whereas the two other characters’ head are tilted. Her face is very lit up as if the sun is shining directly on her face. All of these combine together to let me regard her as the most important character and wonder what she have said or done that made everyone else so interested. As my eyes wandered around, I became more interested in the character on the right. Her position broke the symmetry in the painting, suggesting she isn’t supposed to be there. She appears to be eavesdropping, and her curious facial expression made me more interested in what happened earlier with the middle character. The lack of details on much of the background - the sky, the bushes, the ground - makes it easy to focus on the facial expressions of the three characters. I did notice, however, that there was a sculpture on the left edge of the painting that was fairly detailed, which made me think that they are probably in a rather opulent garden. The emptiness on the top of the painting also moves my eyes towards the top where the faces are rather than the darker bottom.

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