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I'm currently debating between two options.

1: Warhol was famous in large part due to his knack for business and ability to market himself as a celebrity. I might make a statement about that by adding arms to his campbell soup can and have it draw a price tag or advertisement onto itself. Or, perhaps, the label will be peeling back to reveal that the thing inside is not actually a can.

2: Social media celebrities are famous because they produce media that the world finds pleasing or interesting, which is, in my opinion, a kind of art. To make a statement about this, I would cut up an instgram model's post and arrange the pieces on a schedule (a leg would take up half an hour with a note "shave & wax" next to it, or  something similar)

UPDATE: I started working and realized I wanted to make a video. I looked around for source material and saw Andy Warhol's hamburger video. I found it patently ridiculous that such a thing existed. Thus, I found inspiration for this project: I wanted to make this video as ridiculous to everyone else as it was to me as well as make a statement about Warhol. I personally don't think he was particularly talented or innovative as an artist, but I do think he was extremely good at marketing himself with an "artist persona". He was good at being memorable, and that's something that the internet memes of today aspire towards, so I included them in my video. I also drew a connection between Warhol's lack of talent, in my opinion, and the general consensus that the Kardashian talent has no talent whatsoever.

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