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I actually did a lot of work that never appeared in the final product, which I'm a bit disappointed by. My original plan was to have the narrator read a Markov chain trained on Kim Kardashian's tweets as well as Ulysses by James Joyce, but the results were too incoherent to read. See below:

FAVE WHITE AFTER NORTH ,MY RED CARPET GOWNS 2015 , LIVE ,I think was edging to my low pony tail, slicked w u guys there!

We've always if you're there or adders: lightly, the VMAs��_ ,@MyleezaKardash I declare somebody to leave knives crossed letters Atty Dillon that one of the sequel to see....

Fila track for the dust grows in mourning for the aftermath....

OSCAR LOOKS ,"RT @TUSK81: If he knew I have to the Kendall when I bundled out tonight, it's fascinating all night b4 I wouldnt it show last night, rendering invisible: the one true heroes _�ժ #fbf #2008 ,Star Wars kinda good out at cockshout clattering the bed.


Another thing I considered was computer-generated text posts, below:

i always try to make a statement with my fashion...thats why today i wore a crop top with a pic of richard nixon captioned: accuse me of betraying homosexuality

at my sleepover we will engage in fun activities. for example we can regret poop emoji

i am trapped in the heinous slime den and i think deeply about 5000 crickets

i love to sin and betray lizards

i only know how to worship poison

do you think shrek would buy gamer gate

i only know how to hate misery?

a little known fact is that there is a worm version of every holiday. for example on worm christmas we give worm related gifts and check out chaos

However, I decided these felt too formulaic and didn't contribute to the overall "feel" of the video.

I also struggled with using iMovie. Apparently, you cannot resize or move around a green screen overlay (I could not make Shia Leboeuf smaller or off to the side), titles are excessively difficult to create, and you cannot have multiple overlays simultaneously.

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