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Disney is notorious for dominating the media market. With the takeover of Marvel Studios and the Star Wars franchise, two of the biggest movie franchises in existence, Disney gained incredible power over the entertainment industry. 

During World War 2, cartoons were used for propaganda. Well known cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, were seen fighting Hitler and asking for war bonds.


While such practices won't be tolerated in today's society, we can only wonder how much power Disney can have to subtly manipulate our opinions. With the power they currently have, it would be EASY for them to exert their influence. They could easily brainwash us if they chose. I decided to connect Disney's influence on media today with their influence on WW2.

Shepard Fairey was most known for creating street art. The following image is one of his most iconic images:


This image features Andre the Giant with the giant words "OBEY" in the style of propaganda.

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