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I somewhat managed to imitate the style in Warhol’s colorful screenprints, but the final product doesn’t look very appealing. In fact, opacity of the bread part might still be too high (currently 80%) or I should have reduced its size as it looks like a big chunk of paint violently thrown onto the canvas; each picture also lacks complexity or details even with the upper part of clip colored (the only improvement was instead of three main parts, it now has four).

To be honest, I felt quite lost and didn’t have a clear idea about what I want to express during the process after I made some testing samples and the original idea seemed failed. As stated in the proposal, I intended to ask the frequently-debated question that “whether we live to eat or eat to live”. Yet, the outcome didn’t seem relevant to such a “serious philosophical question”. The idea behind this work, right now, might be different eating habits or more generally, pace of life of different people (if each row were viewed as a person and the decreasing pattern of the pieces of bread as a representation of one’s eating habit or living tempo). 

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