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I have created this work by looking at consumerism as a movement of the crowd who are trying to be in the trend. People try so hard to present themselves to be elegant and full of knowledge. As seen in the Banksy and Mr.Brainwash video, when street art was a hype, so many collectors tried to buy and gather different street art. Even Mr.Brainwash’s low quality mass production was thought as an art that contains great meaning.

Therefore, I wanted to argue that anything could be art, including video game. Some people completely leave video games out of the box when thinking about art, but since anything including Mr.Brainwash’s piece of paint can be art in the world of consumerism, video game which always brings hype can definitely counted as art.

All of these thought processes guided my way through constructing the idea and actually completing the picture. I wanted to argue that video game is an art.

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