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Overall I am very happy with my art. I haven’t released the art online yet, but I hope many people will like it because either it is funny or the genre is so popular nowadays. If people like the work, I think it kind of proves that people likes to be in the trend. Also my statement, anything can be art will also be seen in those activity.

One thing I am not satisfied is that I couldn’t nail the detail of the character himself nor the shadow and the light used by Leonardo. I figured it was a very hard thing to become an artist. Sometimes I got frustrated because I couldn’t draw as I imagined. Also, I was not confident with the idea of replacing Mona-Lisa to a game character will represent what I really want to talk about.

However after finishing it I think it might be interpreted in the way I thought if someone overthink about the piece. Right now I would be happy if people can laugh when they see this parody.

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