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Our approach to the project included first sitting down together and deciding on a central meme that we would use and reuse as we went along. We decided on the doge image. Then, we just took turns developing a form of narrative using the doge image as the central theme. Each person created a new piece with some sort of connection to the previous material they were provided, and this eventually built to our final rotating time travel doge blur.

We worked with the material using many different tools including Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Pixlr, and Gimp depending on the preference of whoever was working on that certain iteration. We shared files and source material through Google Drive which allowed us to easily build on previous iterations. The biggest challenge was the fact that we were working in a 4-person group which meant it took longer between iterations, and it was more difficult to collaborate efficiently. Another challenge was keeping all the source material together and easily accessible between iterations which we handled through separate folders of files for each step.

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