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We realized as we went through all the compositions at the end, that the one constant was the doge image that we started with. We figured this was probably because doge is a very recognizable and widespread meme, so all members of the group were familiar with it, and thus able to incorporate it more easily into their own work. Additionally, each iteration does have a discernible connection or link to the one that came before that allowed it to step forward and almost become a story at the culmination.

We learned that this is probably the process by which spreadable media is reproduced and reimagined by different individuals on the internet. Some central theme stays constant as the context around it continues to evolve. This context is generally what is more specific to the creator of the piece, while the central theme allows the general audience to relate with it. Perhaps next time we would plan out the process better so that our pieces would be created more efficiently. Also, maybe we would work on a better way to distribute the material being used.

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