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Layer #8 (Closing)

Tian Zhao

I really like the theme, time travel, from the previous material. I think time travel represents the process of how we let the doge switches among different scenes quickly. The idea of time travel also corresponds to the features of spreadable media. Doge is the time traveller, and the various social platforms are time travel machines. Therefore, I decided to animate the previous material to make time traveling as real as possible.

I used Photoshop to make a gif out of the original picture. I rotated the original clock picture 4 times, and let them appear in sequence to create a simple spinning effect. I made the space zoom more transparent to emphasize the infinite clock. I also decided to make the gif loop forever, to show that the spreading of doge is an on-going process, which will not likely to stop as long as people are still creating their own variations of doge. 

This is the final product (see link below):

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