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Outline your approach to the project? How did you approach reworking of media in a collaborative way? What challenges were encountered and how did you resolve them?

  • We gathered together to come up with this idea of reworking and remixing the “Hope” poster, which is used heavily in Internet meme creation. Then we worked individually. Each member worked on the previous iteration of the meme poster by adding or changing some features. The main tool that we used in reworking is Adobe Photoshop, with help from online resources like LunaPic and Wikipedia. We shared and updated our progress mainly in a Google Drive folder, and used Slack to get in touch.

  • For each phase, we tried to add new elements on top of the built-up ideas from previous phase, including new styles, new sources, and most importantly, new ideas that we meant to deliver. Considering that one of the vital roles of meme is conveying messages that contain humorous, political, cultural, and artistic meanings, we thought of new captions and inserted images that weren’t originally related to previous phases.

  • When working on the project, the main difficulty that we encountered was to think of new improvements to add to the previous iterations. Especially in the second round, we feel that the project is ready to be published, and it is hard to think of new ideas within the confines of the project. Eventually each of us was able to add or change some aspects to make the poster fit more into the theme.

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