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Jonathan Ortiz

Once? Yao Ming doesn’t only live once, no, not with that hair. In fact, it’s clear that he’s morphed into some modern day Future homage, but YOLO? On this volley, my opponents have certainly stepped their game up, but for the final touch I realized we’re missing something: a foreigner, claiming only one life, wearing something strange on his crown and taunting some hippie length hair? Sounds like our man ming here has some similarities to history’s most prolific hippie: Jesus. So, in turn, I gave him a beard (brushed in) and recolored his long flowy hair to match, and then to ring the point home, I added the stigmata. Thank Eric Andre and his interviews on Youtube for the new relevance of stigmata to memery, but it wraps up our mythos mashup cleanly. Except for one last distinction: Jesus lived twice. #YOLT.

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