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Before we started, we decided to focus on Trump and politics. We didn't really have a clear plan for the final product, so we followed our own thoughts when adding to the previous layer. Therefore, the results are quite diverse and each layer shows a different perspective. Even the two layers from the same person might show a vast difference in the approach. We also tried to incorporate other memes to add on to Trump's meme, namely Family Guy and Downfall. 

After finishing the project, we have seen how memes are changed when being spread. Each change reflects the author's own understanding, but it is soon taken into the collective perspective and the change itself dissolves into the constantly changing meme. We have come to understand that part of the reason memes are so easy to spread is that not only are they funny, but they also allow for a collective sense of humor. 

If we could do it again, we would probably spend more time discussing before starting to have a clearer goal about what to achieve.

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