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I browsed through existing clips on the Internet and downloaded clips of battles from Fate/Zero and the two complete videos of Scott Sterling playing soccer and volleyball. Then I started editing the project in Adobe Premiere. I basically cut clips of the abilities and shots of the casters of the abilities out. Then, when I was cutting up the Scott Sterling video, I realized that I would just use the one video with soccer and put Fate/Zero and Scott Sterling clips in action-reaction shots lined up in rough chronological order of the original Sterling soccer video. I had trouble trying to figure out which clips to put into the final product, so I had to go back to the original videos several times. I also had trouble controlling the tempo of the video, so I edited the several big segments several times. At last, I decided to leave only a few sound clips from the original video of Scott Sterling and then add a background music. To make it more amusing, I chose a famous electronic music piece, First of the Year by Skrillex. I also added in a boom sound whenever Scott Sterling gets hit. The music fades whenever there are other sound clips. 

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