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The most important thing I took away from this project was the ability to look at spreadable media in an analytical way and from the producer's perspective. I have to think about what's spreadable and how the final product should look like in order for it to spread. Therefore, after I finished the project, I feel like I didn't spend enough time focusing on the spreadable side of the project, but I have learned to think about the motives behind making each spreadable media, whether it is to simply make people laugh or to instil in the audience some deep meanings. Although my video is intended to be funny, it can also make the audience reflect on the difference between Japanese and American culture by mashing up two works from the two cultures and what spreads in their respective cultures. I have also learned a lot of techniques in dealing with video editing, specifically with Adobe Premiere, since I have never used that software before. For example, I learned about cutting clips and making keyframes for the sound effects. I would have refined the product if I had better skills and more time by, for example, changing some objects in certain frames and linking the tempo of the video to the background music. 

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