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My proposal was a supercut of well-used slow motion. I rejected that idea and started considering several others, each of which I rejected before deciding that my main intention was entertainment. Being a fan of The Office, I decided I would share the best moments from the show.

I came up with a list of moments to use, and then went about finding each of them. I used Quicktime Player's screen recording feature, along with Soundflower for internal audio, and captured all the clips. I decided to use iMovie, and after importing my clips, the product was over 7 minutes long. I decided to use as much as I could, and cut the rest in order to reach 4 minutes. After my desk crits however, I realized that I could go further in my editing, and managed to squeeze in even more material into those 4 minutes.

Finally, after the product was complete, I posted it on Youtube, added a link on Reddit, and also shared it with my friends in order to garner as many views as possible. It currently stands at 163 views, and I hope by the end of the semester it may reach 1000 views.

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