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My final product is a video about 4 minutes in length. It contains what I consider to be the best moments of Steve Carell's character Michael Scott from The Office. My viewers seem to find the video funny and have responded to it positively, which was my intention. 

I created it by first recording each clip using the screen recording feature of Quicktime Player, along with Soundflower which allowed me to also record the internal audio as each clip was being played. I moved all my recorded clips into a project folder in iMovie. I chose iMovie because it is easy to use, and I was not planning on doing any heavy, or complicated editing. I cut down all the clips to just the material which was relevant, and then began organizing them in an interesting way so that they would flow well together and would be as funny as possible. I went through several iterations in order to be able to fit in as much material as I could. I also made sure to keep in mind that the idea was to make people laugh, and the product is focused on this idea. 

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