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My inner critic was very satisfied with this work. For me, The Office has always been a stress reliever, mainly due to its lack of seriousness. I feel like I was really able to capture that quality of the show in my work by choosing some of the best moments it offered, and arranging them in a way that builds up the humor over time. The video includes the best clips I could think of, and everyone I have showed it to so far has laughed while watching it. My intent was to offer something that has no deeper meaning, and is only focused on entertaining and making the viewer laugh, and therefore, I think I managed to match the intent and outcome effectively. 

One component that I am not yet satisfied with is the spread. Although I feel like I have a good product, I have not been able to spread it as far as I would like. This is mostly because it has really only been up for 2 days, but I need to find better ways of spreading the link to my video in order to receive more views because I really do want to share this product with as many people as possible.

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