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My main critique of my project is that it felt too low effort. I tried to compensate by making the final product as clean as I could, ensuring that the timing was just right and that the audio wasn't awkwardly cut. Additionally, I shared the video on both Tumblr and Facebook, trying to exploit the large amount of family members who are friends with me and my friends on Tumblr who have a large amount of followers. The feedback that I was given is largely positive, but I'm concerned that most people aren't willing to sit through the whole video or turn the sound on to watch it. People found it funny, but only those who were familiar with both source materials. Though The Shining and Seinfeld are well-known, they are also somewhat old so there are a number of people my age who wouldn't get the references. I'm concerned that, since my age group makes up a large amount of the contingent on social media, the humor may be lost on the majority of the internet.

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