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My project will be a recompose of clips from famous movies, music videos, and speeches, and the theme will be college memes. I intend to extract words, or even syllables from the lines of these well-known characters, and use these fragmentary words to construct whole new sentences. For example, I would let Elsa, the major character from the famous Disney film Frozen, say “functions are values” even if she herself would never say it. I want to create contrasts between the social image of the original character and these memelike sentences, and therefore make the video amusing and impressive.

I intend to first spread this video among my friends and schoolmates via facebook, twitter and other social platforms, and see if it goes viral within the neighboring community. For the video to be practically spreadable, I will first limit the major target audience to college students, and more specifically, CMU students. Thus, I will choose to incorporate frequently heard memelike sentences among colleges in this video. For example, the sentence in the image below:

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