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This project allows me to practice my skills in video processing, and compels me to predict what “points” will go viral and try capturing them in my work. Previously, when I saw those viral videos and images, I just thought they were funny. Now, when I was asked to create a viral piece of art myself, I had to think over the issue: What are the expectations of the audience? Why are they willing to spread a video? Since I did not come up with an explicit answer to these questions, I tried to experiment on the audience with my animation movie mashup. Many of my friends told me they loved this mashup, and it brought them happiness.

I suppose that maybe videos emphasizing cute characters (funny fury balls) are more spreadable than videos with normal characters, especially when these characters are also humorous. Given the opportunity, I would make another video using real person characters from famous movies, and see which one is more spreadable.

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