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My idea for this project is to create a mashup of three songs: "Trap Queen" by Fetty Wap, a cover of Trap Queen by Ed Sheeran, and "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed. I have always wanted to somehow incorporate the intense drumming and screaming in the heavy metal song "Down with the Sickness" into another song, so here is how I'm doing it: acoustic and screamo. I also chose "Trap Queen" because it has the same time signature and a very similar tempo as my heavy metal selection. However, the contrast between these two songs was not drastic enough. Fortunately, I discovered that Ed Sheeran produced a cover of this song, which was the perfect fit for the idea of my project. The goal of this project is mainly to try making music myself. Editing songs and beats into something audibly appealing is no easy task, especially using audacity. 

In terms of spreadability, it seems that I will be posting my piece on soundcloud (since that is my primary method of sharing it with the class anyway). Otherwise, I intend to start small and work my way up. I can show my project to several people, share with them the link to my soundcloud, and maybe they will be impressed enough to spread it to their friends. There's also Facebook, which could lead to a surprisingly large following. Facebook and Twitter are potentially promising since it is very easy for someone to click "share" and my piece will be catapulted into many other networks including many many people. 

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