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I chose to begin my project the hard way, which was to search for songs with a similar tempo and time signature, not nearly an easy task. I was lucky to stumble upon the two songs I chose since they worked well together, after some editing. I found it challenging to match the tempos of the songs to one common tempo (without distorting either song dramatically). Audacity was my only known audio application, so I stuck to what I knew and, after much fussing with metronomes and tempos, I finally matched the two songs. After the tempos were synced, I also had to time each scream and drum beat to the cover song. For those who don't know that that means, I had to make sure the drum and scream would work rhythmically and in the beginning of a measure rather than randomly dispersed in the middle. Another idea I rejected was using the lyrical portion of the heavy metal song. I attempted to put some of the chorus into the mashup, however it seemed way too abrupt and harsh for the effect that I was looking for. 

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