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  As a longtime member of the myopic club, I worry about my glasses.

Without them, objects become blobs, and people become blobs that talk.

There's a need for a convenient, safe, attractive stand to keep my glasses on. The habit of taking glasses in and out of a case, and keeping that case around, is unnecessarily jerky and a hassle.

A stand needs to be appealing and subtle when there's nothing on it, and easy to use when I need it.

After investigating a the different kinds of stands, I decided the most efficient option is a folded cut support stand.

I visited a few eyewear stores and looked at the different kinds of stands they used - most of the more attractive stands were unused because glasses were likely to fall off, and they were much more difficult to put glasses on. So, the stand needs to be just as easy to use as a Folded Rest Stand.

I built a couple of input models, sketched out and iterated ideas, and 3D-printed a model to get an idea of the shape.

I've titled this project the Touch Glasses Stand.

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