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Wish Tree- Yoko Ono

Our project is similar to this piece where Yoko Ono invites participants to write a wish on a tag and hang it on a tree. Unlike ours, Ono uses real trees for this purpose. Ono also has a different message, with hers being one of wishing and hopefulness and ours being reflection and groundedness. A picture from Yoko Ono's wish tree is shown below, with countless different tags hanging off the tree's leaves. 

Wire Tree- Polina 

These show how wire can be used to imitate tree branches, and are structurally similar to our trees. They inspired some structural aspects of out project, although ours also incorporate branches whereas Polina's are completely wire. An example of this wire tree is shown below. Our product differed very much from this smaller tree, especially in that our "trunk" was taken directly from real trees outside, but we kept the idea of having curvy wire branches.

Interactive and Participatory Art-  Meg Floryan 

Floryan provides an overview of the modes of participatory art, and plenty of examples of ways that the audience can be involved in a piece. This is great inspiration when brainstorming ideas. Adding to the interactivity aspect, we also looked to Chris Milk's The Wilderness Machine as a source of inspiration. In this installation, users also wrote notes that were taken and transcribed by a machine, meant as postcards written to people's younger selves.

Additionally, we also looked at installations such as Jenny Holzer's projections, Random International's temporary graffitti, and Kimchi and Chip's projections on paper, as we were brainstorming for our project.

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