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We thought the project overall did what we intended, and effectively created a space that felt separate from the rest of the library. The notecards, wires, and branches all fit together and did not clash aesthetically with the handrail and staircase. The idea of branches being weighted down is central to the piece, though it would not be a clearly evident theme without the audience reading the description of our installation on the wall. As far as making sure the installation was not too obtrusive in people's paths, our final result turned out well.

We did our best with the materials available to us, but some of our aesthetic appeal could have been improved (for example, how we attached the branches to the staircase and how we facilitated the transition between railing post and branch). The space was also very heavily occupied with the lightbulb project, which we did our best to work around. 

After discussion, we agreed that the installation does accomplish the barebones of our artistic goal. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we thought the installation really did let people stop and consider what they are thankful for and keeps them grounded, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing experience. While the physical installation itself is not a full installation, we thought it was a good start.

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