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We first decided "who was in charge of what" specifically. We had Ling be the general "leader" of our group. She was the main one who figured out what items we needed, and when we were going to all meet and work together. John and Matthew were in charge of most of the physical creation of our project. They were the ones who generated ideas and figured out how to implement all materials into our creation. I (Brandon) was mostly in charge of documenting  our experiences and the one who paid attention to the feedback we received during our process.

As previously stated, our original intention was to incorporate motion-triggered sound within our work; yet that idea had to be cut because creating specific sensors and/ or sound generators through sophisticated software is way beyond our skill sets (none of us had previous experience) and would be impossible to implement within the time frame. 

After we decided to incorporate light as a media instead, our initial plan was to achieve similar interactive effects using motion-triggered lights. However, the sensor-involved light did not work very steadily when we prepared for the first mockup as shown in the video below (the light can suddenly die out for no reason...).

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