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We learned quite a bit from this project overall. We all agreed that it is much harder in practice to find times to work on the project together as we all had our own busy schedules that often conflicted with one another. If we were to do the project over again, we would have most likely would have spent almost all of our time figuring out how to add unique sound to the project, while we believe that the project delivered its message well without it, there is no mistaking that the project would be enhanced with the addition of sound. We also would have used different materials for the balls so they effectively work as a Newton's Cradle; or experiment on different ways to blur the surface of our plastic balls. Another change that we believe would have helped with the message would be to hang the balls higher up so that they are at the eye level to a viewer who is seated at the table, prompting them to observe the project even more. Overall, we believe that this project gave us a unique experience to think in ways that we are not used to so we could create an interesting project using something as simple as twine. 

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