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An Egg

Of each of the categories, I probably spent the greatest amount of time, and took the largest number of pictures, for this one.  I thought that this was funny since an egg is such a simple object.  But maybe that's the reason why.  

I wanted to take a picture that would draw a viewer's attention entirely to the egg and its texture.   For this reason, I chose a granite counter top for the background, which I felt complemented the bright white of the egg.  I spent a great deal of time making sure the egg was centered, and that the edge between the counter and the wall was straight.

I like how this photograph turned out so that the granite pattern in the counter top is clear along the edges of the image, but is more blurry around the egg, while the egg itself is more clear as well.  This gives a sense of depth to the image that I think really draws in a viewer.  However, I think the image would turn out better with better lighting, and I think that the egg's texture could have been captured more clearly.

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