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Since we were given paper as our material, which is a rather light material, we wanted to play with movement and perception as through kinetic art as described in the Kwastek reading. With a material that moves with little effort, exploiting that property would be rather easy. For the aesthetic for our work, we were mostly inspired by Zimoun's 36 ventilators, which had fans blowing packing nuts continuously in a framed in window sills. We decided to use wind in a similar way to create an almost mesmerizing effect. Also it gave us the idea to use a pretty controlled setting like Studio A, so that we can ensure that the right effect is being perceived by the audience. Lastly,  embodied interactions as described in the Dourish reading inspired us to exploit familiar experiences to capture the viewers attention through familiar textures projected onto the flowing paper. Through familiar, natural textures being in an unexpected setting, it draws the attention of the viewer onto the paper, while trying to make them forget that the material is paper, which we found to be an interesting effect. 

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