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We had a very extensive process of creating this piece. First we had to gather the information needed to even start thinking about execution. We used ladders and tape measures to measure the dimensions of the ceiling panels before going out and buying a board and paper. On the trip home with the board, we were faced with a few obstacles (such as the rain and the sheer size of the boards we purchased). We then began measuring and cutting, for which we used box cutters on both the paper and foam board. Then, we slipped the pieces of paper through the slits in the board and secured them on the opposite side with box tape. The final challenge was putting the project into the ceiling panels. 

In terms of actually installing the piece, we used a ladder on a table to get close enough to push in the original panel and then squeeze the new ones into place (which was a daunting task for those afraid of heights). We had to do this for all three panels. Overall, the process took about 4 hours to measure, cut, tape, and install. 

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