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For a lot of us this was our first time producing a physical artwork that takes advantage of a space with purpose so this was definitely a learning experience  in many different areas. Until this module we had only dealt with digital artwork, so with a physical piece we are able to affect the viewers' perception in a more real way. We also learned about the advantages of having a space to work with and how that affects piece. Since we used Studio A which is one of the more closed off spaces in Hunt, we were able to control things like lighting to ensure the right effect is being shown. But in addition to having some control in a space, we also learned that a space can have constraints as well, such as not having direct control of the vents to blow on the piece. Working with a space requires one to strategically take advantage of everything the space has to offer in order to frame the piece as best as possible.

 If we were to do something differently, a more dependable and uniform wind source would have helped with getting the paper to flow in an more elegant manner, rather than a fan that runs at random times or manually fanning the strips. Also we would have used more dynamic textures to project onto the strips rather than just sticking to nature. A looping .gif with geometric qualities would have probably projected well onto the strips. Another area we could have played with is the sound of the rustling of the strips. If we were able to amplify that sound, our installation could have been a more full experience.

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