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A landscape

For this category, I chose one of my favorite views: looking out over the river.

I think that this vantage point works well, despite the bridge putting more weight on the right side of the image, because of the building to the bottom left which helps balance it out.  Also, the mountain cutting horizontally across the center does a great deal to balance the content of the image.  A few of the other images I took were shifted upward more, so that the top of the mountain reached a point lower in the picture; this resulted in a very bottom-heavy image which did not give me the result I wanted.

I also feel that this image is not cluttered, despite the amount of things it captures, since its main subject seems to be the river and the bridge, and the colors and brightness of the rest seems much more subtle.

However, I do wish that I had been able to get a good picture without those streetlights in the way (I had trouble finding a better vantage point).  Those lights throw off the balance of the image a bit since they are so dark, and are not placed in a way that they balanced each other.

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