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A man made object or structure

I chose to take a picture of this interesting vantage point of the Mellon Institute.

I like the depth that this image captures as you see the two sides of the building sloping backward. Instead of making the building seem almost flat, as an image that is straight on can do, this gives the feeling of just being able to step into the picture.

I struggled with making this picture balanced while still keeping this interesting view point. I believe that the result is a little heavier on the left, but this is semi counteracted by the great deal of traffic to the right of the image which weights it down on that side. In addition, the shadowing between the pillars is more visible on the right which draws your attention to that side.

I think this picture could be improved if there was less traffic (to make it more simple), and perhaps if it was slightly more centered to give a more balanced result.

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