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A human emotion: nervous

Of each of the categories, I enjoyed this one the most.  Setting up the image and the lighting to enhance the nervous feeling was very interesting. 

I like how the subject is not perfectly centered in the image; this gives an off-balance effect which adds to the nervousness.  The lighting, darker on the subject but bright on the armrests, also gives the impression of something unknown looming in an unseen part of the image.  The subject's hands are clasped, and he appears disheveled, also adding to the nervous feeling.  Seeing the subject's body but not his face also adds to the feeling of mystery and anxiety.  In addition, it may also cause a viewer to image himself in that same position.

Of each of the images I took of this scene, I chose this one because the lighting seemed the best.  The other images had a lighter quality which lightened the mood; I really wanted to capture nervousness as much as possible. I also felt that this is the best vantage point, since it gives the feeling of someone else looking down at his hands, and being struck with the subject's nervousness.

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