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  • The tree will be located at an open space in the memorial.
  • It will have fiber optic lights instead of leaves that light up at the end.
  • The optics will be connected to a server that detects external input from social media with the context of Bhopal gas tragedy. For example, someone tweeting #BhopalGasTragedy.
  • Every time such an input is obtained, the optics change their state.
  • This change in state can be done in two possible ways.
  • The optics could light up one at a time with each input and fade away. The tree in essence “comes to life” when any message of awareness is detected.
  • Another possibility is that the tree would be initially dark, and it would “bloom” to life as the frequency of shared messages increases.

The aim of this installation is to raise awareness to the tragedy and give voice to the unheard. So the installation had to interact with the masses from any point in the globe.

The people who are walking around or visiting the memorial can see in real time how the message of awareness is spreading throughout the world in real time just by observing the tree ebb and flow out of life.

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