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We saw a few people interact with our installation, and many passersby found it entertaining but did not stop. We never saw any instances of our project (tree trunks or wires especially) interfering with anyone on their way to class, which confirmed that the installation was not disruptive to users of the library.

Both as we were setting up the project and throughout the day of the exhibit, many curious students walked by and asked about our project. They all seemed interested, but without the time to stop and participate. 

When I came back to the installation in the evening after our class, I actually saw many new notecards that had been put up by students throughout the day, so we definitely had a good number of students interact with our project. I noticed that one of the cards had some random math formulas scribbled on it, so perhaps our project was not always taken as seriously by students, but the response and interaction overall was encouraging. 

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